When it comes to building an online presence you often end up spreading yourself pretty thin. Sometimes you need to find affordable search engine optimization. But what is affordable search engine optimization?? To figure out what you think would be affordable you will need to take into consideration some very key factors; ● What is my budget for this project ● How much time do I have to build ● What are my potential earnings if I were to grow online The reason why these 3 areas are so important when you are calculating what affordable search engine optimization is to you, is because the answer to those 3 questions will be different for everyone.

Company “A”s Affordable Search Engine Optimization Layout

Let’s say Company “A” has a project budget of $20,000/ month. This would be split up between paid media, outsourcing, sales reps and many other areas. They know that the longer they go without making any income from this project the deeper into the negatives this project will take them. Company “A” does an evaluation of their products, the price tags they sell them for, the projected lifetime value of each sale for recurring offers and how much their team is costing them to keep on month after month. They see that they can put 1 or 2 current employees on an hourly rate to study, learn and implement an SEO strategy. They then see what they would consider an affordable search engine optimization budget if they were to hire professionals. Professionals that don’t have to spend any extra time learning something what they already know. They can just build the game plan and implement it. Now let’s look at Company “B” and how they would judge an affordable search engine optimization budget.

Company “B”s Affordable Search Engine Optimization Layout

Company “B” is a new company, they only have 2-3 employees who are working tirelessly just to make a few sales to bring their status up into the positives. They know that they cannot afford much of a marketing budget, but they also understand that the longer they go without getting noticed online the longer they have to go without a paycheck. As you can already tell, what Company “B” would consider as an affordable search engine optimization budget will probably be remarkably lower than Company “A”. This means that they are going to need a company that can tailor to their needs.

Finding Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Well, now that we have gone over these 2 polar opposite scenarios it’s simple to see that there are very different needs for every company that we meet. So be sure to connect with us here at Captivated Marketing Solutions in order to find an affordable Search Engine optimization package that works for your budget!